Sit-skiers unite at the Live it! Love it! Revy Sit-Ski Camp

BC Adaptive Snowsports is proud to have partnered with the Live it! Love it! Foundation annual sit-ski camp at Revelstoke last March. Below is a description of this year's event by Jeff Scott, the founder of the Live it! Love it! Cameron Lochhead and Landon McGauley helped out as BC Adaptive Snowsports' mentors for the camp which also saw BC Para-alpine Ski Team alumnis Ben & Jeff Thompson step in as coaches for the Live it! Love it! Camp.

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**We were back at RMR in Revelstoke this spring for our Mini Big Mtn Camp. A camp focused on the progression of sit skiing beyond the existing intro programs. We are looking to develop riders so they’re able to help take the sport to new heights. And who knows where?!!

This was our biggest camp at RMR yet! We had 10 sit skiers with a mix of coaches, ambassadors, returning athletes and new athletes. This made for a progressive posse that would take over runs as we charged the steep rolling groomers!

Things started out as they do on the first day with some fundamental big mountain skill sessions. After a day of working on those skills and putting them to the test, we were almost prepared for what lay in store for day two.

GNAR DAY!!! For those of you familiar with Shane McConkeys Saucer Boy, we were fortunate to have coincidentally lined our event up with this day’s tribute to him! That was the saving grace to the moral of the group. We knew it was going to be a tough day as we got off the top of the gondola and it was raining…. nothing like seeing a bunch of naked bodies, male and female skiing, screaming ‘I’m the best skier on the mountain’ to help you forget about how wet you’re getting…

Day three started like the previous years last day in hopes to create a bit of a tradition. First tracks. Enough said. Ok, not quite enough. There is something about cutting fresh corduroy with friends as the sun comes up that just makes you feel like you’re where you’re supposed to be. It’s almost as good as unpacked pow. But that’s coming next, so just you wait!