Discover the freedom of adaptive snow sports at Mt Washington

The Vancouver Island Society for Adaptive Snowsports introduces "Have-a-Go" for the 2017-2018 season.

Their HAVE-A-GO program invites you up to Mount Washington to have-a-go at the adaptive snow sport of your choice. Whether you choose adaptive skiing, sit-skiing, snowboarding or Nordic skiing, they’ll help you get started.

Subject to availability, you will be provided with:
• a day of skiing/snowboarding instruction by one or two of our nationally certified volunteer instructors,
• a free, Mount Washington, one-day lift pass, and
• all the skiing/snowboarding equipment you’ll need (skis, snowboards, boots, poles, helmets), including specialized adaptive equipment to suit your ability, complements of Mount Washington & VISAS.
Your part is:
• to come appropriately dressed for winter sports,
• on your 1st Have-A-Go day, to purchase with cash a 1-day, BC Adaptive Snowsports (BCAS) membership for $10 when you arrive at the hill, &
• on your 2nd Have-A-Go day, to top-up with a credit card your annual BCAS membership for $43 when you arrive at the hill.
You can have up to two Have-a-Go days, as long as you pursue a different winter snowsport on each day. After that, you can continue taking lessons during the rest of the season along with our other students.

So why not try a different winter sport this season at Mt. Washington! 

Contact Peter Gardiner-Harding at (1) 250-334-5755 and tell us that you want to come to the mountain and “HAVE-A-GO” and check availability.

Story submitted by Peter Gardiner-Harding from Vancouver Island Society for Adaptive Snowsports