Congratulations to some of our newly certified CADS Instructors

Following the February & March courses in Sun Peaks we would like to congratulate some of our newly certified CADS instructors:

CADS Level 1

Richard Bastemejier, Lucinda Bateman, Paul Blantern, Rachael Chubb-Higgins, Amelia Francis, Myrna Hastings, Christopher Haseltine, Rob Hayward, Jake Lacosta, Brennan McGlashen, Luke Parnaby, Craig Renwick, Maximilliano Tomicic, Liana Webb, Robb Webb,

CADS Level 2

Neil Connors, Pat McKimmon, Jo-Ann O’Brien, Melanie Pouliot, Jodi Roberts, Sharon Tremblay

CADS Level 2A

Veronica Connors, Gerry Tremblay