BCAS provides Liability Insurance Coverage for registered participants and volunteers, including the Directors and Officers of all recognized adaptive alpine skiing and snowboarding programs in British Columbia. Coverage is through the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) and the Canadian Snowsports Association (CSA) national insurance program, 

A summary of the Blanket Directors' & Officers' Liability coverage is provided below for reference purposes only.

If you require detailed information on this policy, please contact the Interim Executive Director of BC Adaptive Snowsports.


  1. Club Activity Sanctioning and Certificate of-Insurance (Fillable Form) - Save to your computer BEFORE completing.

  2. CADS Request for Certificate of Insurance ENG (single event) (Fillable Form) - Save to your computer BEFORE completing.

  3. BCAS-CADS-CSA Incident Reporting Form (Fillable Form) Save to your computer BEFORE completing.

  4. CADS Risk Management Manual

  5. BCAS Membership Registration Waiver